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Enabling You

We succeed only when you succeed.

Talent & Leadership

Capable technology executives, content experts & developers working for you.

Team Work

Collaboration, transparency, and cooperation are the backbone.

We Build Web Experiences

..in the Cloud

The days of owning your own server and data center are over. We appreciate that cloud services demand a new way of building and running applications.

...with responsive design

Today's web applications have to look and act great on large displays, laptops, tablets, and smart phones. We design user interfaces and functions with mobile as the primary focus then progressively add features for larger displays.

...with media in mind

Using high definition video and universally compatible information graphics is a critical component of most web applications today. We navigate and find the best open source and commercial solutions for you.


Web Development

We specialize in LAMP, Java, and .NET stack application development and usually leverage CMS and frameworks to accelerate work and take advantage of mature, secure libraries of code.

Content management systems

The following are our core CMS solutions:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5)

Application Frameworks

The following are our core framework solutions:

  • Yii Framework
  • CodeIgniter
  • OSGi

Core Capabilities

We have core competencies in:

  • PHP
  • MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB
  • JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, jQTouch
  • HTML 5, CSS, JS, Bootstrap
  • Kaltura KMC and MediaSpace

Responsive Design

We build user interfaces targeted at specific display resolutions and sizes. These designs and layouts are built to dynamically change to display types. We usually design to mobile first.

Grid Systems

When it makes sense we use grid systems such as:

  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • 960 grid
  • Blueprint
  • Skeleton
  • Foundation


We build clean markup using common HTML 5 elements with the following tools to help with compatibility:

  • HTML Shim
  • Normalize or Reset CSS
  • Modernizr

Cloud Implementation

There are so many options for hosting web applications. We navigate and fit the right solution for your performance, storage, scale, and cost needs. Cloud is not just about virtual servers in remote data centers now. It is a totally new approach to provisioning, running, and paying for compute power. We can help you take full advantage of this new world.

Cloud Vendor Experience

We have worked on these solutions:

  • Amazon Web Services - EC2,EBS, S3, etc
  • RackSpace Cloud
  • LiquidWeb Smart Services


We build and support shared and custom tools:

  • Cloud service catalogs and provisioning
  • Cloud monitoring
  • ITIL compliant processes

Recent Work

Our Approach

The Prime Directive

We enable success for our customers. That is our charter and our focus. We believe in the power of internet technology to connect people and processes. In doing so we help make organizations faster, leaner, and more effective. Our approach to designing and building solutions is intended to capture the essence of the solution's role in meeting the objectives.

Other Key Considerations

It's all about you. We optimize around your priories whether they be speed, cost, or agility. We also guarantee transparency is all we do. No more secret web designing.


This is what sets us apart. Our planning cycle starts with your business and what you want to accomplish. Only then do we talk about the internet and it's potential role(s) in enabling the business plan. We outline the site functionality from the view point of the user (user stories).


Design is technical and graphical. The two are always linked. Site maps, wireframes, URLs, and comps are developed at this stage in collaboration with you. We get your sign off at every step to keep us grounded.


When planning and design are done well, development is straight forward and quick. We leverage resources around the world to follow-the-sun for speed and to lower your total costs. All development is tracked in an online platform for full visibility.


We never publish and run. We include 30 days of support in every project and will always pick the phone if you need us. We know internet apps are always evolving so we'll be there when you need us. We can setup affordable support retainers to ensure you always get prompt response.

Bottom Line

We use methodology based on our years of accountability for technical and marketing solution development. We are your partner and will treat you with the respect and attention that is required for your key internet investment. We want you to succeed and will not stop until you do.

Who we are

Picture of Mark on Mt. Lassen Summit

About Us

Keystone Media Group is an Internet company that offers custom web development, web service integration, CMS implementation, data architectures, and mobile development. We utilize a related set of architectures that scale with your need – you get what you need without paying for more.

We are different than your average web development shop:

  • Focus on a business solution, not just a web site
  • Lead by enterprise IT executives who can help shape a solution to your business needs.
  • Leverage a global virtual team to bring in the right resources at the right cost
  • A genuine lifecycle that improves cost and schedule estimate
  • Laser focus on flexibility, total cost, and usability

How we Staff

We pull together the right team for your project. We don't force your project into our team; we mold the team to you. We find the best resources to best fit the budget. Our teams span the globe, but are managed from the US. Some of our key locations:

  • US
  • Philippines
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Columbia
  • Costa Rica


Where to contact us

We don't host visitors at our office, but we are excited to hear from you via mail, phone, email, or social media.

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